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Sky Christmas 2016 In Hummer Golf Cart

I got a car for Christmas!

I got a car for Christmas!

Well, it’s actually a Golf Cart! But that will do! I can’t believe I got a Hummer Golf cart for Christmas. This was the biggest surprise ever!Hummer Golf Cart 2016

I’m having the best time ! I will be posting lots of videos on YouTube to come because I will be driving nonstop!

These are some facts about my Hummer.hummergolfgart2016

The HUMMER H3 is the first proportionally correct and only licensed custom Estate/Golf Car styled after the HUMMER H3. It includes standard features such as 15 inch custom built and proportioned HUMMER wheels, rugged all aluminum I-beam chassis, Genuine HUMMER Chrome grill, functional headlights, tail lights, turn signals and fog lights and a Patent Pending 180 degree tailgate. The HUMMER H3 Estate/Golf Car is the new industry standard for custom luxury electric vehicles.

Thank you Santa!

#bestchristmaseverSunny and Jazz Christmas 2016


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  1. What a great car, it
    Really has all the luxuries of
    A real car. You are one lucky boy!
    I know u will enjoy this car for many
    Many years, and by the end of the week
    Will be able to drive backwards as good
    As you do forwards:)

  2. I really love it, one of my favorite things to do was drive a golf cart while my dad played golf!
    So much fun!
    Enjoy my son!

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