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Hurricane up my street

I am taking an Urgent break from my blog tour of Italy to show you this storm that hit my neighborhood last night.

Well, actually hit my street.

These pics are of my next door neighbors house.

I have never seen roots like that.

It is sad to see such a big old tree fall down like that. I am glad that no one was hurt. Especially the tree that hit my other neighbors house. All the trees blocked in the cars also.

We got lucky, we only lost electric and a tree split my back yard fence in half. Well, my dad won’t think we got lucky, but we did.

I’m not posting the pics of us hiding with our dog & cats In our basement bathroom. Let’s just say I was emotional! It was the scariest thing ever. I’m glad it’s over.

IMG_1428 IMG_1429



This tree fell on wires and caught on fire & burnt the inside of the tree out.


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  1. Now I know why you guys were in the basement.

    It hit really bad up your steet, but thank
    God nobody got hurt.

    Don’t know why you are smilling in picture?

    1. Sorry for smiling, I just thought it looked so amazing. I never
      Saw a trees roots like that before.
      Now my neighbor has all patches on his roof and house, it looks like house band aids.

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