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Horrible Teachers

Most of you know that my old private school threw me out in 4th grade after I was diagnosed with Dyslexia & ADHD.

We have a lawsuit against them. We want to make sure they never discriminate against another learning Disabled student like they did to me. 
They could have been nice and kind & understanding until I found a school to teach me the way I need to learn. We always waited for them to be better. My dad always had hope they would be better to me but things just got worse & worse. 
And they just got bad again. We just received most of their internal emails which means what the teachers & Head Master were saying to each other about me. We always wondered how they felt and now we know. My mom has been crying everyday since she read these papers. She can’t believe teachers would talk like this about their own student. About her own son. 
I used to tell my parents all the time that the teachers didn’t care about me and want to hurt me and now you can read exactly how my 2 classroom teachers felt about me. Tr Marietta & Tr Bette. 
Teacher Betty says, “lately I see him taking up space in the room”. And says all those goodbyes in different languages. 
Teacher Marietta says, “Well done, looks like the end may be near” to the Assistant Head Master on the Snowy Sunday night they threw me out. I don’t think these kind of kid haters should be teachers. 
It’s not my fault I got diagnosed with dyslexia, I was a good student, I have great behavior and I am always helpful to others. I knew this was how they felt about me, they showed me everyday. They only want the independent learners in their classroom.  Now my Mom & Dad & everyone else knows how they felt about me to. 
It’s very sad to know that teachers are bullying their own students & parents don’t even know. 
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  1. I’m soooo sorry you were treated so poorly by your old teachers. I breaks my heart to see this.
    I’m glad you are giving your new teachers a chance to see there can be really nice
    Caring teachers out there.

  2. I am sorry you had to go through that, they are terrible teachers.

    On a good note: going to this new school, you
    see how you should be and deserve to be treated.

    It makes it fun to learn all over again.

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