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History of Rolls Royce

In my opinion The Rolls Royce Phantom is the most prestigious majestic luxury car of our time. There is no better feeling than when you step into a Roll Royce. You immediately feel like royalty.

The suicide doors alone are spectacular to see in action.

This is a grand machine & I only wish I had one.

My new friend Carl Westwood who is the owner of L.A. Stretch Limos in London wrote this cool post explaining the history of Rolls-Royce Models.  All the way from 1994 to today.  He also made the below video.  Carl thinks that you guys would enjoy seeing “video content about Rolls-Royce, a company which has evolved from humble foundations to become probably the best-renowned brand in the automotive industry. When you see the painstaking standard of handicraft that is invested in manufacturing every single Rolls-Royce vehicle, it’s no wonder that the vehicles are spoken of in such glowing terms.”

I agree.  You can watch the video below.




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