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High Tea then off to Paris

This is My first High Tea.It started out verrrry slow… 

Then the Tea came. Hooray!!
Then the Good stuff came.Yummmmy! I ate basically everything on the tea tower.I ate my first British scone and then I tried to eat my Moms.Well, she gave me half of hers.They are sooo good.I want my Mom to learn how to make them. Tea time is very long. It is for relaxing and talking.

No one used their phones to text. They just talked

and talked to each other for hours.

It was really nice.

We do everything so rushed in America. Well at least my family


It was nice to see the British people actually take the time out of their day to talk face to face over tea and goodies.

Best Tea Party Ever!

I can’t wait to go to another one.


After Tea time…you are ready to take a nap…zzzzzzzzzzzzzz While I was in London, I started looking up all things about Sir Richard Branson.I saw his Huge Virgin airplanes at the airport.I saw his Virgin trains at the train station, they look like racing trains, soo fast.He is My Idol. He is Dyslexic just like me.

I think he would understand what I have been going through with my school. He did not have a good time at school when he was a kid either.

I have watched youtube videos where he talks about his dyslexia.

I read articles about him and my Mom reads me all kinds of things about him to me.

I know he has his own island also.

I know he lets people help him with things he is not good at just like I do.

He says, “My Head Master told me I would either be in jail when I got older or a millionaire”.

Well, I am not going to be in jail either.

I am going to be a millionaire and have lots of companies.

I am an entrepreneur and businessman just like he is.

I like to public speak and Act too. There are many things I am good at.

I wrote Sir Richard a long letter when I was in my hotel. I told him about myself & my school situation.

This is the last page of my letter that I wrote to him.

I wanted him to know that I was going to really try to start focusing on the things I am good at and not worry about what I am not good at.

I really want to make a difference for kids with Learning disabilities.

I want to speak for them and help them understand that no matter what hard times they are going through with their teachers or school or people.

They are not alone. I know exactly how it feels.

I want to help schools and teachers know how kids feel when they are the “different” ones in the classroom.

My Mom says there is a reason I was born dyslexic.

I think it is so I can help wake up this world and let them know that there is another ways of learning and to just give us a chance and just be nice and understanding to us.

We are learners. Even if you don’t recognize the way we learn.

Please just treat us with dignity.

I told my Mom, “You dont ned an IEP to tret a child wth diginity”.

My Mom writes most of my posts,  that quote was they way I write.

By the way..I write the rite way.

You all rite the wrong way.

Who would put a “K” in the word “ne” (Knee) anyway.

That doesn’t even make sense.

For those of you who can spell

Hippopotamus, I am very happy for you, because I can’t even spell “kat”.

But that is OK. I can live with that.

Can you??


Room Service Please..I love room service, especially when they serve Banana Splits!  

The last car I saw before our train ride to Paris France.

Not to shabby. It was the most Beautiful Black Rolls Royce I ever saw.


I am on the train to Paris. I set my office up.Very comfortable and watching Frozen. The weather in Paris.
This was parked in front of our Hotel when we pulled up in Paris.Mommy thought Daddy got romantic and got it to take her for a Princess ride.It was the most beautiful carriage you could ever see.I think it was from Marie Antoinette. 


They were actually picking up a famous painter.She painted a picture of Marie Antoinette.They wouldn’t tell us her name.We just want to go in the Carriage, Please..
This Rolls Royce was also parked out front of our hotel.I didn’t see many other Rolls Royces in Paris.It is not like London with all the exotic cars.Some days in London I saw 40 exotic cars in one day. 

Selfi of Mommy and I.
We were stalking the carriage…Isn’t it beautiful? This was Mommys Favorite Building. It was so big & beautiful.I want to buy it as a House and live in it.
My Dad took me to the Renault Store. I could drive this one.

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  1. You really had an amazing trip! High Tea looked very cool and it appears like you had a great time in Paris. Hope that you like your new school pal and congratulations on winning your first baseball game!

    1. I did have an amazing trip.
      I am really good at baseball even though I didn’t get a hit yet.
      Last night I got hit in my back by a pitch. At least I got on base.

  2. I think we need to start having High Tea here.
    Everyone needs to start putting away their cell phones, and spend a little more
    quality time.
    Looks like you really enjoyed yourself.

    You are a great example for all Dyslexic kids, you are an amazing boy:)

    1. Thanks Uncle Sal.
      I had told my baseball team last night that I can’t
      Go to their school because I have a learning disability and they can’t help me.
      I felt good about telling them.

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