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Head for the Day

 I was Head of my School for the day on Friday. I wanted to wear my suit so could look professional. I had to get to school early because I had to greet all the students. I was so excited. I greeted the students with Tyrone our school dog. He is in training to be a helper dog. I had a meeting with the Head of school the day before and she gave me a list of things I had to do.  I loved having my own office. I had alot of responsabilites. I had to be on time, and I had to reveiw a few teachers. I enjoyed that, they were great teachers, the kids were all happy in their classrooms. I gave the little children ice cream in the morning and after lunch my mom brought pretzels and posicles for the entir school. That made all the kids happy. I had the 8th graders help me all day, they were so nice. I dont know how my Head of school does it. She has a very busy schedule. I was so tired when my mom came to pick me up after school. I told her it is a hard job being Head of a School, but I loved it so much. I think I was a good Head and I think My students liked me being head. I thanked My head of school for having me as head for the day, and I told her she has a hard job.

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  1. Little Skunk, Looks like you worked so hard at school. I am very proud of you.

    I know you will be willing to work just as hard at home doing all kind of things

    we need done. Let me know when you are ready!


  2. You look very professional and if I had a young child I would feel comfortable sending him to your school knowing that you were in charge for the day. However, I was unaware that as the “head of the school” your salary for the day was paid in pretzels and popsicles…..great deal!!!!

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