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Halloween party

Friend Cassidy had an Amazing Halloween Party last night. I arrived as Jack Sparrow, Im pretty sure she was a Goddess..

photo 1 photo 2

She had lots of friends there, I knew a few from our acting class and the others I made friends with immediately. We are some food and lots of Sugar, we decorated our own Halloween Cupcakes. Her Mom is great she had all kind if decorations for the cupcakes, gummy eyeballs, pumpkins, scary things. Sorry I don’t have a pic of my cupcakes to show you, because I ate them all!! Yummy I had my first try at Karaoke, I need to get me one of those machines immediately!! We had so much fun, we played we ate, we laughed.. Greatest Halloween Party ever!!

I didn’t forget about you Dr. S.. You are growing the most interesting garden I have ever seen. My tongue is still burning from the hot pepper seed you gave me.. Lol Thanks for inviting me..


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