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Good News & Bad News

The pics posted above is of an email we just found.

I just found out that I might have missed the opportunity of a lifetime because of not checking an email address I didn’t know I had.

Do NOT make this mistake!

Keep track of ALL your emails you create or at least forward them all to one.

I had this gmail email

Account created for my YouTube channel but we never ever check it.

Im not going to mention any names about who dropped the ball on this one.

(You know who u are).

I’m sure u already feel much worse than I do.. I actually hope you are feeling worse than I do…

Sorry, but I’m suffering right now.

It was the best email I didn’t understand reading,

Until my Mom told me what it really meant, and then she broke the news that the email was from April!!

Are you kidding me??


Even I know that’s 6 months ago..

Well, it started out really good, so I guess that was the “good news” part.

Then the “bad news” rolled in.


My mom says, that my grandmother used to say, “when 1 door closes 10 more open”.

Well, I made sure that gmail address has been forwarded to my personal email so I don’t miss out on any other opportunities.

I know the person who was the ball dropper could have just deleted that old special gmail, what counts is that she didn’t.

Thank you for being honest, I forgive you.

But You are relieved of all email duties.. Lol

No, really.. Thanks for letting me see the email I missed.

Even though it hurts I’m still so honored.

It just shows that u never know who is reading your blog or watching your videos.

Im lucky to have some pretty big fans 🙂

My Mom asked me how I felt about receiving those emails & of course she videoed my answer.

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  1. Sky, don’t stress on things that could have been and that you cannot control. Focus on the positive and good things will happen. Kristen sound like a really nice person who has a genuine interest in you so who knows, there may well be a future email from her that this time you will definitely respond to.

  2. Sounds like they are very interested in you.

    I am sure they will keep you in mind for an
    even better part, in the future.

    Keep up the good work.

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