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Fisker of Cherry Hill

Today I Visited Fisker of Cherry Hill, which happens to be right around the corner from my house.

I met the gracious owner Joe Ferrante. He showed me around & told me all about what they do there. They are the only Fisker Karma support center in the region. The only source for Fisker parts & service.

They sell, fix, service & ship Fiskers, & WoW do they have some amazing Fiskers on their lot.

Anyone who owns one has to ship or deliver their car to this shop to be fixed or in some cases customized.

Joe showed me pics of a customers Custom Star Wars Storm Trooper Fisker Karma that they completely customized for the fan. It looked unbelievable.

I saw a famous comedians Fisker waiting to be fixed as it has grill damage. I saw Alicia Keys magnificent white Fisker Karma, it was absolutely beautiful.

The owner actually bought Cee Lo Greens Fisker Karma from him & is now changing it back from white to gold.

These fantastic cars are electric, solar and gas powered as well.



They are making a return in an upgraded version that I had the pleasure to video visit today.

Check out my You Tube Channel. 

My Moms Friend Had one custom made, it is the gold 2016 Fisker Karma It has a very quiet engine, it is Sporty & Luxury as well, this one had a suede dashboard & steering wheel.

I can’t wait to go back & visit some more cars.

IMG_8672 IMG_8673

Thanks for an amazing day!!

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