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Finally a teenager!


I just turned 13.

Honestly, it doesn’t feel any different than 12..


I had a fantastic birthday weekend.

I went to Max Brenner chocolate wonderland in Phila on Saturday with my friends & then to my favorite trampoline place SkyZone

We had a great time & the weather was fantastic as it was like the warmest day ever in February.

On Sunday my parents surprised me with meeting my cousins & aunt & uncle at Ponzios

my favorite diner & best dessert place ever!

Even though I had a fun filled weekend & received very nice & generous gifts, I still can’t help feeling sad about my brother & sisters not being around for my birthday. For the past years I have lived like an only child, I don’t like it.

I miss them even though they aren’t home much when they are home. It is still nice to have them around.

They did text & call & my 1 sister had a drs appointment so she stopped by, but it’s not the same as having all of them around.

It is quiet here.

I miss you guys more than you could ever know.

I want to thank my parents for giving me a memorable 13th birthday!

I love you




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  1. Yes, you have a very busy weekend.. and kept
    Your father and I on our toes.. I understand you miss the big kids, me too 😉

  2. Happy Birthday Son
    We had a nice weekend
    You are still my little boy!
    Good basketball this weekend

    Love DAd

    1. Happy belated birthday. Guess what, I am getting a puppy the end of march. I will want you to see it and meet jazz and Katie.

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