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Finally 2 Digits

My Birthday is tomorrow. I just went to The Finish line to get newsneakers and guess what??I am a size 4!

That means I get more choices of shoes.



So Mommy bought me these New Lebron James Shoes in a size 4. Aren’t they cool?
Today is my Birthday, 10 Years old Today!! I went to work with my Dad! My Dads assistant, bought me my favorite snack,Glazed Donuts from Dunkin Donuts, a whole Dozen!I didn’t eat all of them. Well almost all of them.Daddy and I left work early. He took me to The Franklin Institute to see an IMAX Movie – 

Forces of Nature, real-life earthquakes, volcanoes, and storms. 

It was really fascinating, my favorite part was sitting in the huge IMAX Theater, it makes you feel like your in the disasters.

Then Daddy took me to Dave & Busters to play video games. I really like it there.


My Dad got a ticket for parking in the illegal driveway.

Then we went to the batting cages where I hit like 200 balls.

This is my Birthday cake & my presents.
I made a wish, but I can’t tell you what it is or it won’t come true. I got a toy G Wagon just like Uncle Robs.I also got another Mercedes toy car and a Model of a Brain. My sister bought me Lego Lazer Model.My favorite surprise gift were Beats Ear Buds!

I had a really nice Birthday.

Thank you Daddy for spending such a Special day with me.


On my birthday evening I had Baseball tryouts. My first time ever.I saw a lot of my friends that I play basketball with and I saw kids I recognized from other teams.My number was 153. Which I thought was after 154. That is called Skylexia! Sometimes I don’t know “before & after”.

It doesn’t matter because they call your number out loud anyway.

First they hit ground balls to you and you have to pick them up. I did pretty good with that.Then you have to bat, the coach pitches to you. I did hit a lot of them. One of the coaches said, “your doing great!”That made me feel very Special when he noticed me.Coaches should always be nice to kids, because it makes kids want to play the game and feel good about themselves even if they are not that good.


On Saturday My Dad took me to the Atlantic City Car Show.It has antique cars there and some new ones. Kerbeck had alot Corvettes there. This is a custom motorcycle. I am going to drive this Lamborghini.
I saw the original Bat Mobile! It’s Amazing. I would like to have one in my collection. Breakfast with my sisters. They take selfies at the restaurant. Look, Salvi is wearing a Buffs shirt, maybe she was thinking of Marky.I really had a wonderful Birthday weekend.Thank you everyone.

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