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I’m pretty sure this was the first Easter my mom didn’t cook. (That’s ok Mom)

We all went out to Brunch!

My mother said, it’s to much work to cook for such a short holiday. But I know it’s because she feels a bit down because my 3 older siblings live away at college & only 2 come home for a short period of time for Easter.

I understand because it is tough being one of 4 kids but the only one who actually lives in the house.

So, I’m basically an only child in most daily ways.

We are all soo proud of my older brother & sisters for doing so well in college.

But it’s also tough for us at home. I’m sure they miss us as much as we miss them.

We are apart for wonderful
reasons, but it never gets easy.

We had a great Easter Brunch.
My cousins all came over after & we drove my golf carts for hours up and down my street.
I’m thankful to have family & good times together‚Ě£

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