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Family fun in the Sun



We went out to dinner. This is My Daddy and I. Mommy likes

to take pictures of the backs of us. I don’t know why?

Mark and I in the ocean together. Nine and Nineteen.

One day I will be as big as Marky.

This is My Brother and his friends playing ocean Football with me.

That was my football, we played on the sandbar. It was fun.

Me all sandy after my cousin buried me.

Daddy said, Don’t touch me! Yuck!

This is my cousin Dominique.

She came to visit and play on the beach with me.

We had a water balloon fight! I Won!!

Marky was chasing me and trying to tacle me and throw me in 

the water. He caught me!

The sand was soo Hot, My Dad had to stop and stand on his towel because he

doesn’t wear flip flops and his feet were burning. Mommy was laughing.

Now my Dad is running for his life,

because the sand is soo hot.

Run fast Dad! We need a sand car to

pick you up. or a sand quad.

Look how cool the Sky looks. It was about to storm, Run!! Don’t we look alike, thats my brother Niles.


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  1. It is soo nice to see you playing with your big brother. Yes,one day you will be as big as he is. Maybe even bigger..

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