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Elysium Bugatti Spaceship

 On Friday, My Mom & Uncle went to see the Movie Elysium. I couldn’t see it because it was rated R. My Mom gave it a review from 1 – 10, she gave it a 10. My Mom noticed the Bugatti Logo on the Red Futuristic Spaceship. She told me about it when she came home. So I googled it and found out it was made by Bugatti.The other car I noticed when I looked up the Bugatti, was a Nissan GT R, that they made look dirty and dusty and old, because this movie was supposed to be in the future. 


Nissan GT R In Elysium

The GT-R  is ready for the zombie apocalypse, it has roof lights, protective mesh grilles over the windows and rat-rot headlights.


A Bugatti spaceship from Elysium

The front of the craft features the Bugatti logo, which some of you might recognize as a French automobile manufacture known for high-performance vehicles.

 If you’re not a hardcore fan of exotic cars, you might not recognize the name Bugatti,  but the auto manufacturer designs the Bugatti Veyron.

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