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Dyslexic Quarterback

tebow dyslexic quarterbackI just found out that Tim Tebow is Dyslexic just like me.

He is currently on my home team, the Eagles.

I won’t even post the mean things they said about him in the news, because I won’t advertise for them.

None of them have any idea how cruel it is to talk about a person the way the cut him up.

I guarantee Tim works harder than any player on the field. I’m positive he has to study everything far longer

than the other players as he doesnt learn the way they teach.

So he has to always reteach himself the way he needs to learn. Look how far it has gotten him.

Tim, I can imagine how hard your life has been and I just want you to know that you will always be a

fantastic role model to me. You have proved what someone can accomplish even when all the odds are against them.

I wish you luck and I  hope they don’t cut you from the Eagles.

This below reminds me of myself because I cant write out the football plays in words but I can draw a mean play with Xs and Os !!

“So I just made flashcards, I take each one, and then boom, when I’m traveling, I just flip through it,” he explained.

“That really helped me. Writing it down, flipping through and quizzing myself, that was a great way for me to do it.”

The QB described how his style of learning by application has impacted his work on the football field.

“So much in football is touching, feeling, walking through, writing it on boards,

drawing Xs and Os,” Tebow said. “And all those are the best for me.”

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