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dyslexia simulation

Click on this link when you get a minute and you will see a bit of what I see when I try to read and the reason

it takes me so long to figure out certain words.

I always told my Mom that when I try to read, all I see are letters jumping around on the pages.

Now My Mother gets it.

She said, no wonder it takes me 25 minutes to read half a paragraph & you get most of it wrong because

she watches me guess the words I thinks they are.

Do you think reading would be fun if you saw words the way I see them?


thankfully I learn most of what I know like info on exotic & luxury cars, Super cars etc.from watching videos,

like on YouTube and video games, listening to Audio books and from my teachers actually explaining the lessons to us.

Oh, and my Mom who never shuts up about describing everything that comes out of her mouth..In a good way.








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  1. Wow that is crazy.
    I have to even give you more
    credit for how far you have come,
    and the patience you must have
    to be able to focus.
    You are an amazing kid!!

  2. Wow, it is hard enough to read and comprehend as it is without all the letters jumping around! It gets me dizzy trying to focus on the words when they are constantly changing, so now I can really appreciate how difficult school has been for you pal. Great that you now go to a school that understands this and that your parents are always there for you. Thanks for sharing.

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