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Don’t be Ashamed

 This is my Paper house I am building. Guess What?
I just found out I have Dyslexia.My Mom is typing this blog post for me because I don’t feel like spelling any words wrong tonight.Dyslexia is not a bad thing, it is when you misspell words and you may be a slow reader. Not all Dyslexic people are the same. I have a different kind of learning style. I am an ear-reader. Most people are eye-readers. Which means you all learn from reading with your eyes, like my dad, he learns a lot from what he reads. I learn from hearing. My Mom teaches me everthing out loud and that is how I learn. I feel better that I know what this is, because when I didn’t know I felt badly because I was the slowest reader in my class. I know I am very smart. I just can’t spell words like other people. I spell words the way they sound to me. Now I know why I don’t like to read books, because it takes me so long and I don’t remember what I read because it doesn’t make sense to me. My school is not used to me and my different learning style yet. Hopefully they will understand soon. I would like to be able to stay in my school with my friends. I’m kinda embarrassed sometimes because I am not the best speller and I am sometimes afraid that people won’t think i’m smart if they find out I have Dyslexia. I would really like to help people understand what Dyslexia is. Maybe I can help this Author Ben Foss, He wrote a Wonderful book about Dyslexia. It is called – The Dyslexia Empowerment Plan, by Ben Foss.

My Mom read this book and many others. She said this is the book that helped her understand dyslexia the most. She told me a lot of things that were in the book. I understand what Mr. Foss went through when he was a kid becuase I am going through the same things right now. Even though its 2013, people and teachers still don’t understand Dyslexia. I want to help schools, teachers and kids to understand exactly how a dyslexic child feels, Because this is what I am, a Dyslexic kid. I want to make kids feel more comfortable if they are dyslexic. They need to know its not going to kill them, it just a different learning style. Who wants to be the same as everybody anyway. I like being different. I like who I am. Reading and spelling don’t make you who you are. You just need to be a good person, that is all that really matters.

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