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Doge’s Palace Venice Italy

Doge’s palace is In St . Marks square. Their patron St. Is San Marco. The Doge was like The President back then and this was his house. It had jails in it and the biggest most beautiful room you ever saw. It took us an hour to walk through it quickly.

There are 2 huge Columns just outside the Square were people were killed for doing bad things back then. They would face the clock tower and that would be the last thing they saw was their time of death. Still today, some Venetian parents tell their kids when they are misbehaving, ” I’ll show you what time it is”. That means they are in big trouble because they all know what that saying means. Venetians are proud of their history & take care of their islands. It feels like you are living thousands of years ago when you visit.

Much more to come from my trip to Italy.

Yes, I will be showing you Fantastic Italian Cars & many of them. Wait & see!!

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  1. Beautiful pictures, looks like an amazing place to visit. Seems like they really like the lion with the wings on the buildings there.

  2. Everything looks so much older but beautiful, looks like you
    went back in time. Is that you in a water Taxie?

    1. Yes, it is not scary to go in the taxi boats. The people are used to them. Mommy didn’t love having to Jump onto some of them because you think your going to fall in the water.. Lol

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