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Sometimes havng Delxia is hard becaus it causes alot of trouble for me.My Mom is writing this for me until I learn How to train My Dragon, Im going to get Dragon software so I can speak and it turns to words for me.

I had a bad week at school.

I found out on Monday that we were having a Spelling Bee in our classroom. I asked my teacher if everybody had to participate in the Spelling Bee, and she said everybody is going to try.

Now I’m getting nervous because I didn’t want to get in front of my class and spell all the words wrong. My Mom told me I wouldn’t have to do things like this.

I like to do stuff that I am good at like Oral Reports but we do not get a lot of them.  I am Not really good at school work, but I am Very smart.

About the Spelling Bee I was really worried about it. I didn’t want my friends to laugh at me if I spelled the words wrong. I have Dyslexia and I am proud of it.

No teacher should make a Dyslexic child Spell in front of everybody, It can lower their self esteem and make them feel bad about their self like they don’t feel smart.

If you look at just some of my school work on this post you can see that I usually don’t do good on my work and tests.

I wish my teacher didn’t be so hard on me. 


When I look at this paper it says Failure to me. Look, I got everyone wrong. I think my teacher should not have showed me this paper and said can we go over it again. It makes you feel bad to get your school work wrong all the time.
 We evern had to take a test before a school trip.I can’t catch a break.

I found the night before the trip. Mommy and I studied so hard for this test all night long. Mommy said don’t worry about the spelling, just as long as you know what it means. I did know all the answers, I got them mostly all right I just didn’t spell them correctly.

This makes me feel bad.

This was the back of one of My test. My teacher sent me a surprise. Oh Look, “I’m the Dumbest One in My Class”.

Who writes this on the back of a kids test? I felt Horrible after I saw that.



This was just a pop quiz. I had no idea we were going to have it.Now I know what a pop quiz is. I spelled these words all right but its Not good enough for my teacher because all the ‘u’s” are wrong.I feel like nothing is good to her.When I look at this paper, I see nothing done right. Like I can never win.
These are my 5 Science Tests. Finally she didn’t mark anything for spelling. I did really good on all of them.I studied with My Mom alot out loud but the teacher doesn’t let me do the test orally. My Mom says thats ok if I can’t spell the words as long as I know what it is and what it means my mom says I’m fine. 

You see, I am really smart.


If someone gave me a chance to show them how smart I am, I would.

Dyslexic kids just need a chance to have a person that understands them.

I wish I had that kind of a teacher.


I am so Proud of these Tests.I am going to write and record lots of books about how to treat Dyslexic little children.I am going to a Dyslexic festival tomorrow. I hope I meet the author Ben Foss, He wrote The Dyslexic Empowerment Plan, My mom read me lots of it.Bens Mom used to read him all his work also, just like my Mom does for me. I am excited to meet him and other dyslexic people. Maybe they can help me with my Dyslexia in my school Can you believe its 2014 and the teachers don’t care about how a Dyslexic child is. I don’t like getting papers that are always all marked up.I wish she could just help me with the lessons instead.

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  1. Sky, I have known you for a very long time and realized right away that you are a very smart and perceptive boy. You have an exceptional knowledge and passion for cars and are able to speak with older kids and adults in a very mature way. Your parents will help you through these rough times in school and you will find that your teacher will push you to do things you never thought you could. Never let others dictate how you feel about yourself. Always know that you are intelligent, witty, and are mature beyond your years. One day you will look back on this time and laugh about it because you will adapt and learn what I already know, which is that you can do anything you set your mind to. If you can drain a shot from the top of the key like you did in the video I saw then dyslexia will not stand in your way. I love you pal and know that things will change for the better soon.

  2. Hey bud, you have been handling all this stuff like a real trooper.
    I am proud or you, its not alwawys and easy thing to do.
    Your family loves you and stands behind you a 100%.
    We know how smart you are and can’t wait for you to get these audio tapes to help you be able to learn a lot easier, and for it to actually be fun for you to learn.

    I still think you cheated me at Madden the other night. Lol

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