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DC is Dog Friendly

I just spent the weekend in Washington DC with my mom & my dog Jaz. We went there to visit my brother who attends law school in DC. 

Well, it wasn’t the best experience. It turns out, DC is dog friendly but not on rainy days. 

There are a lot of dog friendly hotels & restaurants in Washington DC. Yes, you can bring your dog to a ton of restaurants that have outdoor seating. img_1417 

What do you do with your dog on rainy days?

I’ll tell you…NOTHING!

It rained the entire time we were in DC! 

After walking in the pouring rain with my dog to see the Capitol, We took an Uber to see the White House, which consisted of us jumping out of our Uber & running with our dog for 2 blocks in the downpour because they don’t let you drive anywhere near the white house. Then running back to our Uber & driving to my brothers apartment only to have No place to go eat, because we can only eat outside because we have our dog with us. img_1426 

Thankfully, my brother googled dog friendly restaurants with outdoor covered patios & gave us one! What a fabulous site!

We were able to eat Mediterranean food, don’t ask.. I just had linguini with tomato sauce. My brother had some Lamb stuff but at least we were able to get out & eat together. 

Sadly, the rest of the evening we were stuck in our hotel with a lousy room service menu & No Hotel Room Movie provider! 

It is 2016 & a somewhat upscale hotel has NO movie provider?

How is that possible??

I thought I would be renting Suicide Squad & My Mom wanted to see Pete’s Dragon.. but Nothing!

Hopefully next time we travel with my dog it is nice weather,  but my Mom says, that won’t be for a very very long time!!img_1465

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  1. I hear that you are going to visit Mark this weekend to see the Eagles play the Redskins! Have a great time and I know the weather will be sunny.

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