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Cycle Gear Rocks!

I finally got to visit Cycle Gear!

It is like a SuperMarket for Motorcycle riders.

They have everthing.

I didn’t know what to look at first.

Then I saw The Helmet I had to have.

I begged My Mom, till she said YES!!

They Have every Helmet you could want.
 I had to have a little fun.  The Store Manager Bryan was sooo nice to me.He treated me great.

He asked me if I needed any help and then let me try on different helmets.

I was in heaven.

Thanks for spending time with me and

treating me so nicely.

It was great to meet you Bryan.



   I had to wear my helmet for the ride home.


 This is the Heat-Out Model.


 Don’t I look just like him in My HEAT – OUT gear?I look like a Stealth Rider

That’s My Super Hero name.


Me on My quad with my gear on..I Look Good!!  
 Still wearin My New Helmet while I play my video games.I just might sleep with this on! 

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  1. “Stealth Rider” is a cool super hero name but who you really look like is Snake-Eyes, the character from the G.I.Joe movies. Take a look and see if you agree. Hope that you are having a great summer so far. You may decide to wear that helmet to bed but take it off when you take a bath!!!

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