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Congratulations Marky

My big brother Marky just graduated from CUBoulder today (University of Colorado Boulder)!

We flew out on Thursday because he had a Private graduation ceremony on Friday morning for his Major in Sociology and he has a minor in Business.

My sisters & parents & I are all soooo proud of him.

He had to move really far away from us for the past 4 years but it went by pretty quickly. I’m happy he is coming home but he will be leaving again because he is going to get his Masters degree & Law school too. That’s a lot of work but Marky is really smart & I know he can do it.

We had a great time meeting his friends & hanging out with their families as well.

We even got to see his apartment, yuk! Sorry Marky, but it was pretty scary…. Mommy said, she thought it would have been much worse, Mark said they cleaned before we got there but I’m not sure they know what clean looks like.

Anyway, we had a fantastic trip & we are Soo Happy for Mark!

As Mommy would say, “Mark, you should be very proud of yourself you worked hard to get here!”

Congrats Big Bro!!









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  1. Son, this is one of your best posts.
    We are all so proud of Marky!
    The most important thing in life is family, health and helping others.
    Before you know it we will be watching you graduate high school.
    Love Dad

  2. Congratulations Mark! Hard to believe how quickly these four years have gone by, you have a great deal to be proud of. Also, looking good in those shades!

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