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Christmas Day!

 Im a lucky boy, I got a lot of presents.  Look, a Rolls Royce Ghost!
 A New Rolls Royce Jacket that says on it. This is a Human Body. You can take the parts out of it. Pretty cool.

If your looking at my chin, I sucked a cup and it made me get a hickie on my chin.

My Mom always told me Not to suck the air out of a cup because it will give me a hickie

but I didn’t listen. Now I know.

 Mommys favorit gift. She always wanted a big picture of girlies.Daddy finally got her one.  I got a Mercedes SLR. The little chubby snowman next to me is Olaf from the movie Frozen.
I saw a Corvette Stingray at WaWa. They are so nice, I might get one.

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  1. It looks as though Santa gave you a Big break this year, I could have sworn

    you were getting cole this year.Lol

    I really like Olaf, I have to see that movie.

    My favorite is the picture of the twins:)

  2. Really like the gift of the human body, very cool!

    Have fun playing with all your new stuff and enjoy your time off.

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