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Blizzard of 2016



I’m sure most of the country knows we got hit with the most fantastic blizzard this weekend. The snow is fluffy yet you can still compact it down to sled on it! My dad & I made a big hill for me to start my sledding on. I already have a really steep driveway but this snowy hill makes it give me more speed to sled farther.

This was my puppy Jaz’s first snow, she loved it, she wanted to run around in it but it was to deep, she tried to hop the best she could.


My dad is still trying to shovel his car out but I gave up helping him.



To much work for a snow day!

I hope everyone had lots of fun in the snow.


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  1. Ton of snow, amazing!! Nice Spider jacket and good run down the driveway. Looks like you had a great day.

  2. Yes it was a lot of fun, great hill to sled down. You should check out my store on my site I am selling shirts I designed
    With a graphic artist, you will like them they are so cool they would look good with your muscles.

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