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Biggest Pancake EVER!

On our way to Connecticut we ate breakfast at Harold’s Deli.Can you believe how big the Pancakes are here?

This was bigger than a Large Pizza.

It’s a very famous deli, but I feel badly to waste so much food.

If you go, you should share the food you order and bring a lot of people.

Bridge to Connecticut... We stayed at the W Hotel in Times Square. Our room was so unique, they had this cool sink below that we couldn’t even figure out how to turn on.

They had Hot Pink closets and really neat furniture.

This was the view from our room. Times Square, in the snow blizzard.

We walked to the M & M Store in Times Square. It is hard to drive your car around in New York City.

 It’s much easier to walk.


We also walked to the Disney Store and I bought this Baloo Bear for Marky. He is so cute. Don’t tell Mark I am keeping him in my bed until he comes home from College.

I also shopped at the Lids store and bought this cool Miami Heat Hat.

I really needed it that night, it was snowing so hard in New York.

My Mom opened a bottle of water in the middle of the night that was beside her bed that said “Drink Up“, she thought it was for free.

In the morning she saw the tiny print that said, $7.00

OH No!!

There were 2 free water bottles in the living room.

Hotels should put the free water bottles next to the beds, we always like to have water next to us when we go to bed. In case you get thirsty.

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