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Best baseball season Ever

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Baseball Season has sadly come to an end…

My team, Haddonfield Fire Company made it to the Semi-finals.  We played hard all season, made good friends and mostly had lots of fun!

Our coaches were a huge part of our successful season. They were understanding and supportive. They always had our backs through the good & bad games. They never gave up on us & helped us to keep our heads high & stay positive.

Below is the the kind of email my coach would send to the parents after our games & my Mom always read them to me:

“I continue to be impressed by the character and ability of this team.  It is really a special group of kids. Let’s keep it going.”


Having a coach write wonderful things about his team makes you feel really good. These coaches really care about us & wanted to always make sure we were having a good time.

Yes, we were all a bit sad that we lost our last game but we had heart & played with passion.

Until next year…

Thanks again Mr, Breen, you’re the Best!!




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  1. You guys had an amazing season,
    And played with heart every game.
    You also pitched great, and managed
    To hit a couple of home runs this season, Wow!!!
    Doesn’t get much better than that:)

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