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Batting Cage Adventure

On Sunday, my Dad took me to a Batting Cages for the first time.I signed up for Baseball this year.

My Dad wants to get me really good at 



I’m next!
They pitch 45 miles an hour to you. About 10 balls per coin.

I hit most of them. We had a lot of fun.

My shoulder was really hurting after.

I have to practice more.

My Dad Loved hitting the Balls too.Mommy was laughing the entire time.

Daddy looked like he was Golfing!

A very nice man was there with his son and he said he was a little league coach.

He showed me how to keep my legs and swing the bat correctly and actually

went to his car and got a bat that was just the right size for me.

Thank you Coach! You’re a good man.

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