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I went to the Sixers game against Miami Heat.

Both teams practicing before the game.

Lebron makes Special dunk shots during practice. WoW!!


I was sooo sleepy after the game, Miami won.


My basketball game was the next morning. I made one shot, I am getting much, much better, I played very defensively. I am having a lot of fun and we are really becoming a team.
We are now 4 and 1… 

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  1. Your are one lucky kid to get a chance to see Lebron play.

    I am glad you enjoyed it so much!

    Before you know it, your team will be in the playoffs, I have a good feeling
    about that.

    For now just have fun playing.

  2. Glad that your are having so much fun playing basketball on your team. 4-1, you guys must be pretty good!! Defense is tough, need to be quick and anticipate what your guy is going to do. That is what makes Lebron so great, he can score lots of points but is just as good when it comes to his defense.

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