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Baseball tryouts part 2

Well, I had my 2nd round of baseball tryouts. It was packed with 5th & 6th graders.


We had to do fielding & then batting.

There was a lot of pressure. I liked seeing my friends but wasn’t thrilled about having to perform for all the coaches. I did pretty good, but the more I think about it, if I play with the 6th graders I will never get to pitch because they will always let the older kids pitch. I won’t get to play 2nd or 3 base which I like because they will let the 6th graders have the first positions. So the more I think about it I might rather play with the 4th & 5th graders, this way I get to be a part of the team and get to pitch and play good positions and just have a good time.

I don’t want to watch other kids play, I want to play. This is supposed to be about having fun. I want to do whatever gives me the most enjoyment. We will see how it goes.


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