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Baking 101

My mom finally gave me my first baking lesson. It’s not like she taught my brother & sisters how to bake, that was my grandmothers job & she loved it.

My Mom would tell me that every time my brother & sisters went to my MomMoms house they would come home with a cake that they each baked.

One would bake a chocolate cake & maybe vanilla & one would always bake a spice cake. My Mother said that MomMom had patients & was a Grandmom who took the time to teach the kids things, like baking cookies, cupcakes, bread & cakes all from scratch which means (homemade).

My Momom was old fashioned, even though she was young she did everything the old way. She didn’t make box cakes & even her pasta was mostly homemade. She said, she always knew what the ingredients were that went into her baking & knew there was nothing artificial. It also tasted better when it was homemade.

My MomMom didn’t have money, she didn’t bring the grandkids to stores to buy them things or go out to eat. She brought them to her local park & pushed them on the swings. She walked them to her neighborhood library to let them rent books that she would read to them & if they really loved the book she would buy it from the library. There was no internet or cell phones then.

She spent quality time with all my siblings & older cousin. My brother always said. “I loved MomMom because she let me crack the eggs”.. Something I guess my Mom never let him do. MomMom had patients & didnt mind if you got a shell in the batter she would show u how to take it out without hollering at you. She said, “you don’t want shells in the batter or the cake will be crunchy!” Lol

I grew up with my MomMom but in a different way. She basically lived with us my entire life before she passed away from cancer 3 years ago. I miss her everyday. I feel like I was probably the closes one to her even though I didn’t have her around as long as the other kids but we were inseparable. We shared a room for 5 years, almost my entire life. We were buddies & she got me. I took care of her when she was sick & looked out for her. She loved me sooo much, I was her baby.

I loved every minute of it & miss her dearly now that she is gone.

Now my Mom is teaching me to bake & cook. She says its time, everyone needs to learn how to cook, bake, clean & do laundry etc. so they can be independent & take care of themselves & it’s healthier & cheaper than going out to eat every meal.

I’m happy to say, I made an amazing homemade cheeseburger & now an excellent homemade chocolate cake.

Oh, I even washed all the baking dishes, utensils, pans & cleaned the kitchen & left it immaculate which is exactly the way my mom wants it to look after cooking. I did a great job & can’t wait to make my next recipe.

It was much easier than I thought, And tons of fun.

Everyone should try it!


IMG_9668 IMG_9669 IMG_9671 IMG_9673




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  1. Wow that cake looks delicious,
    I wonder if it is Gluten Free. lol
    You did a great job.
    keep up the good work, I will
    be glad to sample whatever you make:0

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