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Babe Ruth 2017

I haven’t spoken about baseball this season.

It’s not because I’m not playing or don’t like it.

I actually moved up to Babe Ruth this season as well as the past Fall season.

My parents & I weren’t  really paying attention to the transition to the bigger Babe Ruth field for Fall ball & my coach let me pitch, which I never thought I would have the opportunity since I’m only in 7th grade & our teams are made up of 7th, 8th & 9th graders. 

But he let me pitch so much I threw my arm out & had to stop playing Fall ball.

I was so hurt I wasn’t sure I would even be ready for Spring baseball or maybe never play again.


Thankfully, I rested my arm & practiced a bit. But not pitching practice, just learning throwing mechanics. My orthopedic Dr told me that pitching is an unnatural movement so lots of pitchers hurt their arm from throwing incorrectly or just throwing their arm out by abusing their arm.

My pain was from both, throwing incorrectly & with brut force.

The good news is, I am playing Babe Ruth Spring ball.  

I have a fantastic team & coach. My Mom explained my disability to him about me not knowing some things that go on on the field that can confuse me. He was very understanding & assured my mom that he would help me with whatever I needed help with. I have heard this before from teachers & coaches but this coach is prob the most fantastic teaching coach I have ever had. 

He has let me pitch, catch, play bases & different positions. He is always praising me & makes me feel great. 

I have one of the best teams of kids I have ever been on. We have a fantastic time together. They are really fun to be around. We spend a lot of time together as we have baseball almost every day.

We have had a decent year & I have played pretty good for my first year in Babe Ruth & was lucky to have the opportunity to pitch on the big field. 

We have playoffs coming up & I’m excited to pitch.

Best part about our team is, we are having fun. 

And we actually just had a 6 game winning streak. 

Either way our season turns out, I can honestly say this has been my favorite baseball season yet! (My Mom tells me I say this every year) I guess that’s a good thing!

Enjoying your team & coaches & having fun..

That’s what it’s all about!

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  1. You really do have a very understanding coach. He is a fantastic teacher as well.
    I’m so happy to see your arm is feeling better.

  2. You are playing great. So people know, your first pitching outing you gave up
    only two or three runs in three innings which is wonderful.
    I love watching your games and am looking forward to the playoffs next week.
    We can go to the cages this weekend!

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