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Awesome Day!


Wow! Look at this Mercedes SLS! I saw it in a parking lot.

I can’t believe I sat in one the other day.


 This a Creeper from the game Minecraft.Would you like this to be your job?
I was at the shore and I went on the boardwalk and I saw this awesome

creeper hoodie..Do I look good or what?

 Me holding an Evil Minion..He was cute.
I went on some rides, the bumper cars, the swings, this flying thing.

I don’t know what its called. I had a lot of fun.

My Dad and I were playing water squirt. You have to sit on a 

toilet seat to play, its fun. My Dad won!

 This is what he let me pick out when he won.            A squishy Green snake.

               Thanks Daddy.

              My brother and i and his friend Kam.                  We were playing water soccer.
 This is when Mark put all wet sand on me, yuck!

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  1. You and Evil Minion have a very similar look! Glad you had such a fun weekend. Sky, I was very sorry to hear about Niles, I know he was your pal.

  2. Sky, You know you love taking a sand bath!People pay big money to have that done to them at Spa’s, Maybe Mark will work in a

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