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Arriving in London

Im flying in Envoy Class which is like first class but with reallynice beds. It is the greatest way to fly!



My driver picked us up at the airport.What a surprise. He drove a Black Mercedes.

He spoke with a strong British accent.

He was really nice.


Our Royal hotel A famous Red London telephone booth. There are no phones in them. 

We were staying right across the street from Harrods department store.It is huge. Good if you like to go shopping. I do not like to shop.

I saw the Camel from “Hump Day” there.


They drink this crazy Bubblebeads drink in London.It was soo weird to suck up mushy beads through your straw.

Its like a wet gummy bear that someone spit out in your drink to

play a trick on you. When you bite the red ones they burst in your mouth.

Actually kinda gross but in a Science way. Its hard to explain.

We saw the Tower of London. Do you know how many Towers are in the Tower of London? 20. It is a historic castle on the north bank of the River Thames in central London.

This is where the young Queen Elizabeth I lived. I did a report on her.

They keep the Crown Jewels here. There are gorgeous crowns with stones and

diamonds on them and they are all real.

They keep Ravens around the property for good luck.



Our tour guild was having his last day before he retired. We were lucky to have him.

He told us that last year His daughter got married in the Chapel of St. John’s.

He told us he was able to borrow a Royal Tiara

from Queen Elizabeth II for his daughter to where on her wedding day.

She must have felt like a real Princess.


This was a metal dragon in the tower.There were lots of armored suits in the museum and really old amazing shields.

I would like to collect those old shields. They were way better than

Captain Americas shield.


I told Mommy to take this picture for Mr. Miller.This is the real deal. A Real life Huge Catapult.I guess they could do some Pumpkin Chunkin with this across London.

Do you know the song London Bridge is falling down?Well this is the bridge they are singing about.I remember watching the Summer Olympics last year

when 007 flew under it with Queen Elizabeth II.  

I wish we had a castle looking bridge like this at home. I think they based this off a Castle.

The architecture of this bridge looks just like a castle.

I ate my way through London.Yummy Waffle!! 

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  1. Wow!!, looks like you did and saw a ton of things. Love the metal dragon and the London Bridge. I am 59 years old and have never had the opportunity to visit London, you are very fortunate to have been able to do so with your family. You will have to tell me all about the trip next time I see you.

  2. Wow what a trip you had, and the plane had beds!
    That was neat that the driver was holding a sign Sir Sky.
    I loved that London Bridge, and your Mandarinoriental Hotel is amazing!
    That Camel was big enough to ride.
    I’m so glad you got to experience all this stuff with your family.
    You are one lucky kid.

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