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Appropriate or not ?


 This is My dog Katy, she lays in my playroom when I write on my blog.She doesn’t mind sleeping on my cars or toys. sometimes she kicks them off the sofa.  this is My dog Niles. He looks like a live stufed animal. He also likse to take rides in all my cars and trucks. He is so cute.
This is MeMe My cat, I didn’t tell Sunny that Meme drank from her cereul bowl.This may not be an apropriat picture to post, what do you think? Niles really likes to go for rides in my cars and my trucks and my big wheel to. I let him be the driver. Isnt he a good driver?
Sometimes I like to dress Katy up in hats. I think she looks smart in thes glasses dont you? I call her Profesor Katy. This is Henri my cat. I like to scare him sometimes but he knows I am joking with him. This is Henry after he snuck on the counter and licked my dads chicken. Mommy doesnt let the cats ever go on the counter or tables. that is why Henri had to sneek. I didn’t tell my dad Henri liked his chicken. Henri does not like to go for rides in my cars or trucks. he jumps out. but Henri like to steel my toys and carry them upstairs to play with. Guess what? Henri doesn’t have any teeth. he got sick and they all fell out and he cant get new ones so he can only eat soft food.
This may not be an apropriate picture to post even though I think it is so funny. after i took that picture I scared Meme and she fell in the toilet. but she jumped right back out. Meme doesn’t like to ride in my cars she like to go outside and play or just sleeps in my play room.  

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