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Hi, my name is Sky, I was a third grader when I started this blog. This was my first time having a blog. I am and actor/ entrepreneur/car lover & Generation Z Consultant..

I love to play outside, my mom calls me and outside dog because I’m outside all the time. I use to drive small battery powered cars, now I drive one of 2 of my battery powered golf carts. I still love sports & play basketball & baseball for a few different teams. But my favorite will always be playing basketball on my driveway with my dad & brother. I like to play video games sometimes, but I am not a gamer.

On Saturday afternoons when I’m not consulting, I like to visit car dealerships.
I started my blog before I knew I was dyslexic, just to have a safe space to talk about the things I love, without being judged for my spelling. But now that I know I’m dyslexic, it’s even more important to me to have a place where I can write the way I talk, show people what it’s like to go through school with a learning difference and advocate for myself and other kids with dyslexia.
I believe that everyone deserves to be treated fairly and to get a chance to show their strengths to the world.
This Blog is one of my many strengths.

The reason I started my blog was because I Love cars, especially very expensive exotic luxury cars.
I’m 13 now and My very favorite dealership is still FCKerbeck.

Frank Kerbeck is my hero, I was 8 yrs old when we met. He let my Mom drive his very own Rolls Royce Ghost while he & I sat in the back seat like old buddies. Then he surprised me and took me for a ride in his own Bentley Continental. That was the Best day of My life, I cried happy tears when I sat in his Rolls Royce for the first time and Frank said, Sky, press that button and do you know what that button was for? It was too close the suicide doors on their own with the push of a button, Amazing!!

To this day, Frank & I share that same memory. Even though I’m almost as tall as he is now, I’m catching up! Lol
I have met so many nice people on my journey. I better go so I can find a new place to visit, see you soon…Sky.


My hero- Frank Kerbeck of

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