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A Good School!

A few words from Skys Mommy…

We are in search of a school that Welcomes Learning Differences…

Today we visited Woodlynde School in Strafford Pa.
It is for Children with Learning Differences.

It was nothing like the other School out in North Jersey.
That school was very Bla, to me. I had no feeling what so ever.
None of the teachers smiled or looked happy, nor did the children.
This is just my opinion.

Woodlynde was the complete opposite. The kids were up and learning in many different ways. We spoke to students in depth.

All of the teachers looked happy and so did the kids in every grade from k to 12.
The boys who took us on the tour told Sky how they felt when they came there. Some were bullied or just lost in their previous schools.


Sky talked to them and asked questions about Spelling & testing and if the teachers were nice to them etc.
They have a wonderful sports program as well.


I was very impressed. I cried Happy tears…


More importantly, Sky was very eager to ask questions, and he had many.


While walking down the school hallways Sky stopped me, pointed and said, “Look up Mom” there at the head of each hallway was a big digital clock.
Sky had a huge smile on his face, he said, 
“Now, I will be able to know what time it is when I’m in school”.
He said, “My other school only has clocks with the hands on them and I don’t understand them, so I never know what time it is.”


Sky also shared something else with me today that I never knew;

He said, “when you had to go to the bathroom at my other school, they made you write the time down on paper before you left the room.

He said, I would ask the kids in my class what time it was and they would just point to the clock on the wall. They didn’t tell me the time. Sometimes I almost didn’t make it to the bathroom because it took me so long to figure out what time it was.” 


Who would think something this simple would make a child this Happy!
Today was a Good day !




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