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2015 Baseball tryouts

Tonight I had baseball tryouts.
This year is different than last year because I’m older we have to go to 2  days of tryouts, it’s really serious.
I think I did pretty good with my fielding and then I had to do hitting, don’t think I did so good with my hitting. Couldn’t seem to hit one ball, not sure if they were curve balls or what.
Then I tried out for Pitching and I threw 2 strikes out of 3 pitches, not bad!
I have to go again this week, I’ll keep u posted.
All I can do is try my best, wish me luck!

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  1. I can’t wait for the new season.

    We will have to go to the park and practice some hitting again,

    you were whacking that ball last year, you just need a little practice.

  2. Good luck with your baseball evaluations, just relax and have fun. Also, I hope you have a very happy birthday tomorrow. Hard to believe that you are 11 years old already!!! Time really is flying by.

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