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My Puppy

It makes me sad to talk about my dog Niles, he just died, so my mom is writing about this for me.

My Mom says it sometimes makes things better when you share your thoughts with others. The other day

I felt bad to go to camp in case I had to cry about my dog in front of my friends. I didn’t want to be

embarrassed. I did cry at camp, I cried my eyes out. But my friends were so nice and told me stories about their dogs dying.

They understood how I felt. It made me feel better that they knew about my dog and we could share our stories.

We have about a million pictures of Niles, he was 12 years old when he passed away. He was my Bestie..

He liked sleeping in the Basket with my Moms dolls, we always found him in there in the morning. Niles was a sharing dog,

he didn’t mind if my cat Henri tried ┬áto eat his food or drink water out of his bowl instead of the toilet like he usually does.

Niles especially loved riding in My Cars and on my big wheel and in any of my cars or wagons. He was always the first one to get a ride, even on my sled, he

loved the snow.

He loved when I pushed him around in my big trucks, like My Jeep Hurricane or My Cadillac. He never jumped out, he would just enjoy the ride.

Niles loved dressing up in anything I would put on him. He liked wearing sweaters, even granny dresses or a bow in his hair, well sometimes he would bite me a little for that.

Some afternoons while doing my homework he would steal my pencil so I couldn’t do anymore work, only play with him. I didn’t mind.

Sometimes I gave it to him so I didn’t have to do my homework right then. We played all the time. Niles loved to snuggle with me where ever I was.

He always let me pick him up and carry him around like a puppy, even though he was an old man he didn’t act like one. Niles loved hot dogs, there is nothing he wouldn’t do

to get one. Niles was a Good watchdog, we were never scared if he was with us.

He had good ears, he always heard everything and barked with his cute little pointy ears standing up. Niles looked like a Who Dog from “The Grinch” because he never let

my Mom trim his furry feet. He liked to have fluffy furry feet. Sometimes he would wonder away when we let him go out to the bathroom, but he always came back.

He loved us Soo much and we loved him even more. I will miss you Niles, I Love You, Woof, Woof.

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  1. Hi Son,
    Your post about Niles made me cry. He was a wonderful dog, friend and companion
    to all of us. The last two years he was very sick but we took great care of him
    just like we did with your grandmom. Niles went to the top doctors, ate special food and lived as long as he did because everyone gave him their love and treated him like a king. Our entire family including Katy misses him dearly and will never forget all the special memories we have of him. Niles was a very special

    Love Dad

  2. Hey bud,
    NIles was a very special dog, and loved you all very much.
    the reason he lasted so long was because of all the great love and care that
    you and your family gave him. You have all great memories of him. He was a great
    dog and will be missed. But he couldn’t have been more loved!!

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