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2014 Cars

 On Saturday June 8th My Uncle took these Awsome pictures of amazing New cars being delivered to a car dealership and sent them to me.

I though maybe they were on their way to F.C.  Kerbeck.

I was right. Here they are.

I just found this same exact Bentley Flying Spur on Frank Kerbecks Website.

He had a party at Lambert’s restaurant. That is where he revealed The New 2014 Bentley Flying Spur.

Check out Franks site, scroll down to the video and press play!

The Black sports car on the flat bed is The New 2014 Lamborghini Galardo. Wow!

The Silver car is the New 2014  Aston Martin Vanquish..Cool right.




This is me Checking F.C. Kerbeck’s inventory.

I have this Big New touch screen Dell/Windows.

I can zoom in and out and do lots of fun stuff with it.




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