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My Basketball Game

I started playing basketball...   This is my First Game! Check out this video.. Remember, I am #1   We won our first game, my coach is really nice& the kids are great too. I had alot of fun!!

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Snowy Sunday!

My Quad full of snow. I was pulling my cousin Remy with it.Our driveway is our Sledding hill. Our cars were stuck on the driveway.   Mommy brought out the pool floats, they are very fast for snow.  We stayed…

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My sisters babysit their school nurses dog Thor. Today Mommy brought him to school to pick me up. This is Thor waiting for me in the car. He looks like a driver, just like me. Thor is the tiniest dog…

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Marky and I found a Christmas tree, and it might be good. But that was the ginormous one. Daddy said No!  This is not exactly a car but it has wheels and I have a driver.I wanted him to go faster! Wasn't…

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